Saturday, 17 September 2016

6 weeks left

... And that is all it is! 6 weeks until I fly to Chili and weather permitting, 7 weeks until I fly to the start line. 
My task is to ski, pulling a sled/pulk with all of my supplies, 730 miles up to the South Pole. At the South Pole, I will pick up a resupply and attempt to ski back to the start line.... On my own /solo. So a total of 1460 miles. I will burn 9000 calories approx a day but will carry just under 6000 so will lose a little bit of weight as i do this. The weather is extreme/brutal and will get progressivly colder as i move closer to the pole (last year the thermometer broke at -50).   

However I really cant wait and so excited (and nervous) that I am literally going to burst as it is so close now. 
There is still a lot more faffing to be done, weights to be lifted and lists to be worked through. 
 I am starting to feel the closeness of this journey - as yesterday I had my first 'well if i dont see you before - good luck' -

So the goodbyes start (yep my weakness) ..... 


  1. It will be an amazing experience.

    I'll be thinking of you everyday your out there.

    So looking forward to hearing all about it over food and drink.

    Here's to missing you and to getting overly excited when you ring on your return.

    Here's to the most determined and mentaly strongest person I know.

    Good luck


  2. Thank you Chris, you're very sweet. Yes, dinner upon my return.... X