Wednesday, 7 September 2016

The count down is not dragging

Far from it .... Another week has gone by and I am nearing the '6 weeks left' mark that is rapidly  approaching. Soon, I will be standing on the start line of a 1400 mile solo journey to the South Pole and back! 
The nerves have definately kicked in not helped by the previously squared away items that are now apprearing to not to be so... What I am dealling with is the attention to detail... and trying to ensure that when my pulk and gear is flown to Chili, it is together, ready and working. Already it seems there is work to be done in Chili which is now a high risk as if it goes wrong then my expedition is in jeopardy. Crazy days. 

On the other hand, the rest of the preparations are going well and coming together - even the putting on weight ready for the haul. I have to say, I know I have to put on this weight as I will losing about 1lb a day and if i am out there for 80 days- thats a lot of weight to come off- but equally moving and exercising with the increased weight brings back my days of being size 22 - and the massive amount of work that was needed to get the weight off! I guess i know that when I come back from the South Pole I should be back to my regular weight. 

Excitingly it seems as though I have broken through my barrier with the weights after lifting 92.5kg today with legs fully in tact and knowing that I could, even after a pt session and 30 odd lifts ... lifted more weight ... More times. 

What I know is that so much investment has been put into this and that is a worry. The last time i invested so much of me into what I considered to be important, well lets just say, I am waiting for it to just be pulled from under my feet. I suspect that this is nerves talking but..... 

However, Another fantastic development is the local support that appears to be slowly growing - People who I meet are super keen and so interested in this journey and task. Although I have to say the worldwide support is growing amazingly by the day - it does make it a little unreal at the moment.

Anyway, i need to get back to it ....  

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