Thursday, 22 September 2016

How much weight??!!!

Interestingly I spend quite a lot of time talking about my weight gain (and clearly the embarrassment and fustration of). These days bending over to pick something up requires effort, sqatting down and standing upis tedious   and running quite frankly is now a no go, for fear of damaging my knees especially being so close to the start line. I wont even mention the blubber wobble with every step let alone bounce! 
As time has gone on... You seethe doubting Thomas's who look and ponder about how such a tubby girl could be going for a world first.... Clearly she cant surely be fit enough, doing enough exercise as why else is she putting on weight rather than what everyone else is doing .... Taking it off!
Of course this is a very different view for those in the know who check in and hope that I am putting on enough  weight!
Big portions, high fat, high carb and eating more than I burn is a tedious process- but if i want to make the return journey - it is something I need to do and fortunately I have been able to increase over   several months rather than last year where I had just two months! 
But let me show you using pictures: 
September 2015 2-3 months before I skiied all the way to the south pole: I was under 7 stone ( 98lbs):

October 2015: 9 stone (126lb) I had been eating like a horse to put on the pounds - 2 stone in fact....

December 2015: look at the tyres 😀👏 11.5 stone (161lb) another 2.5 stone! Result! I put on a total of 4.5 stone....

I arrived at the pole 1st feb 2016 which for my next journey will only be the half way mark: this picture only shows the face ... But a good inidcation. Clearly i had only enough reserves on me to do the ski to the pole 730 miles. But in October 2016 I will be doubling the distance and over doubling the weight I will have to pull in the sled. 

June 2016: already putting on the pounds in preparation for the South Pole return trip.

Ok, this is me being brave (supplying a recent photo) ... But I need this weight..... : 1460 miles to the pole and back unsupported means that I will lose 5ish stone .... 

Although my legs can push 300kg many times and lift 92.5kg clearly the strength is there underneath. This additional
weight will help me pull the full sled 80-100kg up the very steep exit out of the start line, provide insulation and reserves for the 80 day trip in the most extreme and brutal place in the world- Antarctica. I still have over 1/2 stone to go to get to where I want ..... And its hard especially with the exercise.
My exercise has changed and will
change again.... Recently I have swapped running with boxing and its tough...imagine boxing, sit ups and burpees to the point of fail wrapped up in a heavy thick duvet (especially in this heat).... Knowing that everyday it will get harder as more weight is put on. Interestingly though my additional
near 5 stone body weight jacket that I have on, will help develop my muscle too .... As for each pressup, sit up,leg raises, raised leg sit ups or squat ..... In addition to the metal weights that you can see .... I carry and have to lift an additional 70lb or 5 stone already on my body.
Luckily I know that this is temporary..... And by the end of January 2017 it will be gone. ... But all in the name of this upcoming challenge.....  
Yes, I am focused and yes..... The end point is my focus. 


  1. I love that you approach this in the vein of what is healthy and appropriate for you and the activities you plan to conquer rather than in the vein of what appearances are acceptable to the masses. You CAN do it!

  2. Your commitment is too look AMAZING!!! Clearly you need the the extra weight and strength to pull this off.WELL DONE! Xx

  3. You are too incredible! YOU LOOK AMAZING!! Clearly you need the extra weight and strength to pull this off. WELL DONE YOU.!! Xx

  4. Great! Let's get together soon, RE meditation and perhaps 1 or 2 yoga type exercises that will be good for you.
    Let me know when you can meet. The Tuesday class is fine, but I'm free other times also.
    AND, best wishes!

  5. Brilliant Emma your preparations and training plans with weight gain are beyond dedicated thinking of you xxx