Thursday, 30 April 2015

Everything is now in storage and becoming officially a 'homeless nomad' is in sight ... just 3 more days left of civilisation. It's at times like these, things like wills have to be thought about and written, as well as ensuring that everything is left 'neat and tidy' - just for that 'just in case'.  Although I am not worried about the trip, that I suspect will be like an extremely long (with slightly hotter and colder moments) Highland Way in Scotland, however, there are plenty of unknowns.  Similar to the Highland Way, it is a stunning path trodden by many; either day trippers or long distance walkers but the mountains are high, crossings are water power dependent and I mustn't forget the rattlesnake on day 2 of my 10 day cycle 😄.

I had a second pack today and it's in... tightly ... but it's in.... 65 litre rucksack with room even for my boil in the bags - the greatest camping must haves not only for hygiene reasons and to save on the washing up, it means that left overs can be stored and eaten a little later or the next day 😄.

 hmmm and I have found another disadvantage to technology - I now have to carry a charger pack AND sola charger - just so that I can maintain some of the technology ... although I have to say I am extremely tempted to just bin the lot for the sake of weight carrying. oh how times change and certainly not a consideration 15 years ago 😄

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