Sunday, 26 April 2015


Oh dear! I did the first trial run of packing my kit today - using a 40 litre pack. All of my kit was put in ( yes, the idea is small and light) but sadly there was not enough room for the additional 6litres of water that I also need to carry. It would have been fine if I didn't have to carry both hot and extreme cold weather gear ( yes, deserts are extremely hot in the day but bitter cold at night and the snowy and windy mountains are different beasts). These conditions are my daily consideration from the start!

I have to say, I did giggle today as I was cutting my toothbrush in half ( just to be able to save on space and weight!) and deciding that 3 sets of socks for a 10 day cycle is good enough and as for deodorant? Nahhhh that's for Manning park (the end) ... so I will post that along with a spare set of clothes, shower gel and of course a razor!! 😄

It's been a long time since I had to use or think of the tricks of the trade in order to lighten the load and save space .. and although I am having the moments of 'what am I doing' and ' do you realise that it is 16 lots of the coast to coast trot or  John o'groats to lands end nearly thrice over'!! I have a huge sense of excitement and fear.

As I dip into other people's blogs, finding comfort that others have survived and gone before but equally fear that where others love the thought of seeing a rattle snake, big cat or bear ... I have to say, I'm not so keen. I did however giggle again, when in one blog, the advice given when seeing a bear was to make yourself as big as possible and don't run.... I couldn't help but be reminded of Jimmy Carrs performance a couple of years ago, whose advice was exactly that, but I thought it was a joke!! aaaahhh dear... who's to know that you have to make yourself look big for a bear and throw dirt at a rattle snake! but it's ok...rattle snakes venom only kicks in after 24 hrs .... plenty of time to reach day 10 of the stage (if I am on day 9 of the cycle* that is!!!).

So,  with a 65 litre rucksack on emergency order .... I will have to wait until Tuesday until I do pack no.2!

p.s and for those who are wondering, if you are at all, no, I am not taking a GPS.... I had one, but the batteries have leaked (clearly not from over use) ... and I haven't got enough time to work out how to use another one ( nor the first) .... compass and map .... that's all I need ..... I think 😄

*i use the term cycle as the point in time/ days that I will be able to pick up fresh supplies for the next 10 day trek... carrying  112+ days of food  for the duration would be impossible... but 200 miles is ok..... I think?!?!!

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