Sunday, 19 April 2015

Ok, time to start on the bucket list! Tomorrow I will find out if I'm all good with the injections that will allow me to do the PCT and South Pole trek. Who knows?!?!? ... but by tomorrow at 8pm I will know for sure 😄..... it's too exciting for words!! 😄

3.15pm: Just out from the Doctors..... I am fully vaccined and ready to go (although let's hope that I don't get bitten by any dogs!!) .... equipment has now been bought (ice axe and water purifier included) and just working out how to actually get to the start of the trail that's miles from anywhere.

This really is too exciting for words .... especially as the 60 day skip to the South Pole plan is coming together too!

I guess this is THE opportunity of a life time .... and boy will I go for it 😄😄

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