Sunday, 20 November 2016


Well its been five days in (although i am working through nights) and I have to say.....I was right! It IS the year of the wind. Wooohooo and with the early season low temps it makes for a very interesting night ski. Currently I am seeing the same level (ish) of ice, at 4am, as I did at the pole. Braising takes on a new meaning.
My continued luck still runs strong - so far I have a story about the cooker, sastrugi, hills, neck, gps, glove and more recently fuel canisters. Darn it, its only day 5 - what happened to things coming in 3's?
No matter, my focus is on the end point and sadly after the scenario with the fuel canisters today racing unsupported to the pole is out. Yes, a few expletives followed closely by tears and then a fit of the giggles counting myself lucky that I didn't smoke .... (cause with my luck I would have then had to have contend with a massive fire in the middle of antarctica!!).
Like life, I probably should have given up on it years ago, opting for a quiet unadventurous life but darn it ... i have said that I am going to the pole and back .... and that I will. Never has doing it for Cystic Fibrosis and Teach Africa has become more of a need than ever before.

Clearly there is a focus here on perseverance, against all odds and heck it is only 5 days in!! My luck wont change, barriers will continue to rise...... but my eye firmly stays on the final point.

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  1. Hi Emma, Great to hear from you. What is the story w/ the fuel canisters? I wish I could be of more help (and I know all yr other friends feel the same), but we give you huge encouragement from here. Keep at it!