Friday, 11 November 2016

So, if you are reading this, it means that I have just been given the 30min call to leave by plane to Antarctica and then to the start point - Hercules Inlet. From there I will be skiing solo, unsupported and unassisted to the South Pole (yep that's right I have to pull 45 days worth of kit, fuel and food in my sled). The first half of the journey 730 miles are all up hill but at the end I will pick up a resupply at the pole and ski back to the start. If/ when I make it to the pole I will be the 5thish woman in the world and If/ when I complete the return journey, I will be the first.

If its anything like last year, there will be a great rush to the airport before we wait an eternity to board. However, unlike last year, I am unlikely to be heading back from a pub at 3.30amish.
What I know as I write this post in advance that this is super exciting,  but this year, there is also a healthy set of nerves too.

This is it... Time to fly over to the base camp/ Union Glacier and as quickly as I can turn my pulk around and book my plane/flight to the start line. I have to say, booking my own plane is another dream and is something that I am unlikely to experience again. If I can turn my pulk around on the same day and fly to the start line, then that would be fantastic.  With these delays, time is short and every day counts out there.

Probably by now you will appreciated why getting my bags quickly and making sure that I got on the first flight was so important. These expected delays, if added to the second or third flight out there would have had significant / even more impact, enough to shorten the journey to just one way.
From this point communication will not be so detailed. Although I will be able to update my blog which will automatically post onto Facebook and Twitter, this will include a picture or two. Although I won't be able to personally reply to posts, the UK based support team who  will monitor and oversee my blog and Facebook etc will be able to pass messages back at key points.

I have to say, I am honoured and thankful to have you with me, there have been many people just as excited about this journey as I am. It will be tough, I will have bad days and good days and I will share this with you as I go along. Please don't worry if I have a tough day or maybe two.... The next day will always be better.
But for now my focus is #tothepoleandback in aid of Cystic fibrosis and Teach Africa

Everything is in order.... it's time to go......xx

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