Sunday, 6 November 2016

It all starts to just fall into place.....

After a good nights sleep, I awoke with the news that ALE had my bags, they all had arrived and yes, indeed they were on the same plane as I was (in part). I was taken to the warehouse and finally reunited with my kit. Such a great moment.

I spent a few hours making the last final checks and completed the last of the little jobs that were outstanding (such as putting the runners on my sled, making sure everything could fit on my sled (as if it had shrunk on its flight over!!) and importantly making sure that all was there, in one piece and I hadn't forgotten anything (including Thor and no name).

I put up the tent making sure it was all in order, this will be my home for the next  just under 3 months.

By six o'clock it was done, repacked ready for the next flight to Antarctica. News is that storms are in but everyone is hoping that by Sunday the engineers will be able to start to clear the blue ice runway.... Something that takes an age.  Last year, whilst we were enjoying a beer or two in the evening and just heading to bed, in would walk the engineers having a quick break before heading out again for another stint at clearing it. These guys are amazing and work round the clock because they want us to come just as much as we want to be there.


This morning, I had my weigh in.... Such a big moment ( I have to say I was a wee bit nervous that my kit would go over the 170kg allowance.... But it was not to be.... My newly named 'Thor' got involved in the weigh in too.  Thor will be joining me on this trip as he will be auctioned off at a dinner in November in aid of the Michelle Judd memorial fund     that supports outdoor pursuits for youngsters. I can't wait to hear how much was raised cause every pound counts on this trip...
michelle judd memorial fund


Now that the weigh in is over,  all I can do is wait for my ride over to the ice. It's close....I can feel it.... Soon my journey of a life time will be here and I can't wait 😀😀😀😀

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