Saturday, 26 November 2016

I am very sorry for the delayed and lacking of blog this time. In short, I have been just trying to eat, sleep and ski and there hasnt been any time to do anything else.

I have now changed my routine again. In short it was just too cold to ski at night. I am afraid i am very happy to sacrifice the blue sky for less ice, wind and temp. By the time i got in (set up my tent) i was breaking open my coats and boots which is not a good look.

I have to say, my ninja skirt is the business and although I have now have the first signs of polar thigh - it was (I believe) because I made the fatal mistake of going outside without my ninja skirt!

The last two days have been appearing to be skiing up hill and into wind - this means that horisons are short and never ending.... the worst part of the ski.

However, the last couple of days have been uneventful and just been great to ski solo. I do love Antarctica - it s so beautiful and forever changing. Although the mountains in the distance don't change - thats about all. This is a very different experience to 9 months ago.

So, its slow, plodding onwards and upwards....

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  1. Emma don't worry about the lack of reports to us all. We all know you are doing very well. Stay Focused and ski on with you challenge. Look after yourself xxx