Monday, 1 June 2015

Start of the desert section

31/5/15 hot hot hot again!   


 Even though I started walking at 5am by 10.30 I was feeling the heat. Arrived at the Angel Anderson's area at 1.30pm but hitched the additional 2.3 miles to the angels house for 4pm
Found out that there is a 21.5 mile road detour (due to fire) just before a 24mile concrete aqueduct walk! I am now worried about my knees and shins!! 
Needless to say I left the Anderson's and headed north, back to the trail head so that I could start on the 46 mile concrete walk! Ugg! 

01/06/15 landed up at hiker town. Its an amazing place ... In the middle of the desert with a variety of huts named after parts of a town. I am in the doctors office 😀. The quickish walk to hikers town was hard on the feet and shins .... So it was good to get (after 19 road miles) a lift from an old pct fellow for the last couple of miles😀 

Good company was had at hiker town - so many lovely people on this trail 😀

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