Sunday, 31 May 2015

27/5/15 21 miles up up and up. Got to the highest point of 9300 ish ft up. But of course for every up (especially on Baden Powell mountain) there is a down. 

However today the second hill was a sharp up then down.... Oh if only I took the road... It was a flat 3 miler!! πŸ˜€πŸ˜€ ahh well its good to build the muscles before the sierra's.πŸ˜… landed up in a picnic site .. So decided that I had done enough hill walking..... And it was time to test out my new air matress πŸ˜€πŸ˜€ needless to say, i was in bed by 6.30pm, asleep by 6.305 and awoke fresh and ready to go by 4.30am.... It makes such a difference after a good nights sleep (aided by a good air mattress).... Even with 'beware of the bear' signs everywhere!! πŸ˜€

28/5/15 I was feeling so good that I completed 10 miles plus x1 mile detour to a cafe just off the trail and arrived by 8.30am (i had to wait a bit before it opened at 9am but it was definitely worth the wait. Pancakes, egg, sausage with coffee and sprite (and water refill). I held back on the Fosters! What is it with exercise and my sudden craving for Fosters? Breakfast was fab though and made even better because I only had 1/2 litre left of water and I was thirsty. I have to say, water really is an issue on this trail. Creeks are empty, no running water and trail angels who put water out - unfortunately by the time that I arrive (the official kick off was in april) the canteens are empty. Today was close .... but ended well..... so far that is .... I have 40+ miles to Agua Dulce.... And unsure if there is a good running water between here and there.

Good news though - finally I may have my trail name papillon french for butterfly.  Over the course of this trail I have been offered several trail names but none really stuck ... But I like this one πŸ˜€ and it came with jelly beans tooπŸ˜€ 

29/5/15 ok, its megga hot, and today it was about dodging the poddledog (its a plant that smells and blisters that spread) and climbing the humid hill.
Although it was great to walk with green and grass around - sadly the humid conditions made it tough. I arrived at my destination around 4 but i knew i hadnt done enough miles so chose to carry on and get the last of the 8 mile down hill to the campsite, out the way. Of course i began to regret it as i trotted down but my motivation was a shower, laundry and pizza at the endπŸ˜€. I am sure it sounds as though its pizza and showers all the way ... But 4 nights out with no washing or shower in the seething heat .... 4days is a long time especially for a three shower a day girl. To my surprise an angel (Coppertone) met us at the bottom of the hill with icecream and root beer ... An amazing man, amazing combination of root beer and ice cream made even better as it was a surprise and completely unexpected. Pizza with fosters was amazing too ...:. 

30/5/15 another shower, laundry and a lovely couple in the next camp spot. People really are amazing and super kind. Rick offered coffee followed by sausage and egg butty and orange juice.
They don't know me but breakfast, m and m's, apples and crisps were so kindly given with an offer for a place to stay should i want a little further down the trail. All i hope is that they can visit London so that i can return the kindness. What a great start to the day .... and in this seething heat ... boy is it needed. 
I left the camp after washing my clothes (and drying them) - at midday and headed 10miles to Agua Dulce. Hot hot hot! It felt (with the added scenery) that i was in a western film and half expected John Wayne and indians to ambush πŸ˜€. The best part of that jaunt was sitting down in the rock hills eating an apple given by Rick earlier in the day. I haven't had an apple for over a month and mmmmmm it tasted delicious! 
After a quick pit stop and resupply at Agua Dulce I decided to make a 5 mile start on the large hill ... With the cooling of the evening sun ... I was pleased to make a start! 

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