Friday, 5 June 2015

5/6/15 after 2 nights (1.5 days) resting up and eating the local supermarket out of food ... Its time to start the long and uber tough section of the trail. By this time next week (i hope) I hope to at Kennedy Meadows (no wifi between here and there) that marks the start if the sierras aka mountains that are over the 10,000 ft mark. The slopes are steep and relentless but the views and snow spectacular. Ahhh yes, the snow, that until this point has been minimal in the Sierras .... But guess what?!? Ahh yes, of course, there is an expected 'dump' of snow this weekend .... Along with the other 'freak' weather that is happening in the USA at the moment!

Should make for quite an entertaining next few weeks 😀

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  1. fantastic effort em, keep going and take care xxxx