Tuesday, 23 June 2015

700 miles 😀😅

10/6/15 made it to the 700 mile marker and kennedy meadows. Result! especially as I left a little later today (the 28.5 mile hike yesterday left me a little wake up stiff) 

Of course priority number 1 was shower! Boy, did i need a shower. Caked on dirt from 6 days in the desert, little water,  mixed with sun cream made for a very dirty outdoor shower! I cant wait for the slightly cooler, dust free sierras, as water wont be an issue so keeping clean will be easier! 

I decided to take a zero tomorrow - a rest before the over 10,000 ft mountains .... The next three weeks will be tough.... Made tougher with snow and later in the day slush 😀 

9/6/15 28.5 miles today! So pleased and it felt really great. The sun was in and not out and that makes a huge difference climbing these hill ... Today there were two major hills made much easier... Feet and legs were feeling great! 

8/6/15 so today I arrived at the pass campground where many people have decided to head unto either lake issabella or onyx towns. I decided that I a) had enough food b) didnt want to go into town again c) i would forgo a shower and push in to kennedy meadows. Good decision, even after a super hot day in the sandy hills, 

7/6/15 Trail Angels are amazing people and today would have been extremely difficult with out them. Trail angel had put out x2 water caches - as there isn't any water in the creeks, streams or rivers. Although there are plenty of streams and where once water did flow, this four year drought has really taken its toll. For us hikers, carrying 60 miles of water whilst going up and down these very large hills is impossible!

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