Wednesday, 3 June 2015

The desert ....

2/6/15 up at 4am and before sunrise i was on the trail. I wanted to complete as much of the 20mile road section along the aqueduct as possible.         

The aqueduct runs across the desert ... So its flat, sandy(good for blisters!) and hot. After a little 2mile 'detour' I got to the wind turbine area. Its amazing place - huge wind turbines but means that its windy! Super windy and trying to walk through it with a rucksack swaying in the wind was definitely an interesting and tiring. 

Saw another rattle today! They have a great trick of lying in part on the path ... So that they can suddenly turn when disturbed ... Sadly for the 'looking at the view'  hiker ... They also blend in with the path. 

3/6/15 now that was the most amazing night. It was blowing a gale (I slept just off the wind farm) but it was warm wind and I was snug in my buvvi - an amazing experience and I didn't want to get out of bed in the morning. Nonetheless- I was out by 5am and got to Coppertones van (yes he was at the trail head again) for ice-cream and root beer. It tasted sooooo good again especially after another uber windy and sandy day of only 17 miles. 

The uber windy conditions today made for an interesting pee stop! I couldn't stop giggling ... And after about 5 failed attempts and a strategically placed rucksack (there were only a few randon wind resistant bushes around on the steep slopes πŸ˜€)  - success πŸ˜€


Oh, and have now passed the 550 mile marker πŸ˜€πŸ˜€

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