Friday, 20 November 2015

Sorting out the nuts!

The last of the food was divded up and put into small bags, the massive tents were shaken out, poles were taped together and bug nets removed....

(This is the other team that are heading to the south pole on a different route) 

The space inside the Heliburg Keron 3GT is amazing and we have another 2G version too.

So, 😉 after the last of the boxing up all that was left was to weigh in and have the last?! night of good food and a beer.

Now of course A beer with a precursor of a healthy pisco sour and a tiny wee sprinkling of competition ..... Ended in a jossal with the coke ordering youngsters and the winning beer 😀 
.... At 3.30am..... 

.....Before up at 9.30am for a personal kit weigh-in and a cocktail briefing at the ALE HQ at 5pm! Sadly, we are now playing the waiting game for a window of good weather to fly out to Union Glacier in Antarctica.... We maybe sometime ..... 

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