Monday, 16 November 2015

Shopping and shaking out ...

The best shopping in the world ;o)) 

Imagine heading into a supermarket ... With someone elses credit card and buying a shopping trolley of pringles, another of chocolate and another of tea and coffee! Magic! 

(This is Khai, team mate from USA) 

So this is the food/ supplies for the trip and all we need to do now is shake out, strip and repack. 

So that is what we did! 150 breakfasts divided into little bags, 150 dinners, 150 lunches, a few! Cheesy potatoes..... It... Was... Great... Fun!..... ............ Although it did confuse the dogs in the street!! ;o)) 

However the best bit will be tomorrow ....... 

Yes, that is chocolate, yes, it will have to be consumed ..yes, All of it 😀 

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