Monday, 23 November 2015

Could it really be time?

I have set up this post with the expectation that I may have to run out the door, having received 'the call' and expect that wifi will not be availiable. 

If that is the case, after a five day delay, we are off! Flying through the sky to the Union Glacier station - see brief video : shake out for a couple of days before flying onto the edge (Hercules Inlet)- the start point. 

Although I am preempting this post - i know that nerves and excitement will be off the scale but also a relief that finally we are super close to the startline and the moment of knowing that its only about 700 miles between myself and the silver ball! (Nearly said that with a straight face!) 

I think that a caged bird would sum up the last few days. Although trips to the gym, walk around the local forest and visiting a ship (fascinating) were great (and i am so thankful that ALE who put on these trips - not being out there, relaxing and just eating and drinking is plain and simple alien .... 

I will be updating the blog as i go although limited to number of words and quality of pictures. However, its super exciting that I can be in contact throughout although I probably wont be focusing on the pain, sweat and cold .... That will be left for the story afterwards!


I am so pleased that i had that 'one last beer' last night.... Cause that meant that we fly today. 😀😀😀

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