Tuesday, 17 November 2015

Sorting food for 2 months

Today was spent sorting out technology links and the daily food bags. Each freeze dried meal (breakfast and dinner) needed to be opened and emptied into a thin plastic bag (as they are less weight and bulk) along with pro bars, chocolate and soup etc into the zip lock bags. 150 of them with a few extra 24 not packed so well. 

So, as this is a minimum of 2161 calories just in snacks and 2000 ish for meals, this is what we will be eating on a daily basis ( with some salami, cheese and crackers on the side if we get hungry).  

We still need to add nuts and dried fruit but that should keep the old body going (of course this doesnt include the additional snacks and high cal drinks that add even more calories). I just hope that I lose the 2.5 stone that I put on for this trip 😳

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