Monday, 10 July 2017

What a day!

Back in the Zel Gear Ik for a few days 😀 all was great until today when i missed a line and landed in a stopper - class 4 Rio Maranon stylee!  

Gasping i think we can call it. So, my first what i would now call A Stopper 😀 such an experience and great to come out the otherside. Of course at this point a number of folks will be tutting and shaking their heads saying 'I told you so' and in so many ways it is probably perceived to be worse because I am a female. But lets have a show of hands (all you guys) who have had the same experience??! Yep - thought so!! 

I have to say, I am trying harder rapids/part rapids and well suddenly its got a whole lot more fun, more giggles and well I am far more relaxed and enjoying it far more! The big waves (that are set to get even bigger means that, in the one I am even more exposed to the waves and literally fly!! Great fun! 

This pm we started the Wanson portage- a large rapid that even the raft wont go!. . Uber impressed with the safety   team who quite frankly did an blinkin amazing job - no upturned raft today! Uber slick operation. 

Hot hot hot and we finished at 7pm. Again, a day never to forget! 


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