Tuesday, 25 July 2017

(Backup) Into the jungle ...

It certainly was a great moment .... as we headed through the last of the rapids (well with a very sad 'ish' attached! - there were a couple of 'new' class 2's to do that wern't on the map!). 

By this stage we were on the last supported stage - the start of the Pongos (the place that the river cuts through the mountains)! Although as I write this in Santa Maria De Nieva with the solo part near, my secondary school Geography lessons just burst into life! The pongos by nature are very remote - very remote. 

But... and there is a big but too..... from the river - it is very much different to the imagination and snippets of film from all of those years ago! 

From the river, I have seen just a few birds fly overhead or in the sky. Its quieter too - i was expecting a deafning call of birds and high pitch buzz of grasshopper type calls ... but at this stage -the huge moving and bubbling mass of the river makes more noise as do the folks working on the banks.

The homes have changed as we moved further along. The mud houses of the mountains have moved to
those of bamboo or wood with traditional vegetation roofs, until of course, large towns buldlings of brick and glass come together. 

Oh and there has been much music heard along the banks as we pass....but through massive sound
Blasting hifi speakers.  I have been assured that the traditional music is still very much alive .... as i hope that electronic music doesn't destroy the traditional live music that I know and love. 

Oh, and there is no hot water in hotels 😳..... cold water yes...but I guess thats just a British expectation.... and only an observation!!

The last few days, we have had an interpreter along with us to guide us through the river villages and communities  of the Rio Maranon. This, has been a privilege in so many ways. There is more to say here.. much much more... such as what was behind this photo...

Finally the wonderful folks of the river really know how to party.... and I mean .... all night /weekend rave style!! 

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