Tuesday, 25 July 2017

Days seem to roll into one, up, packaway, breakfast, paddle, lunch, finish around 4-5pm, put up tent, change, snooze/blog ... then onto dinner around the camp fire. Bed. 


Normally, i am in bed by 8pm sometimes 9pm. A long way from my normal night owl hours! Having spent time in Antarctica, where night never comes (24hour sun/light); here, dark arrives by 6.30pm. I suspect, this is the cause of the early nights. Here, on the river bank, wecant turn on the lamp or light - aside from the head torch that has a very specific range and direction of light. I have to say, I have a headtorch but will only use it now in the tent as the light attracts bugs, flies, mosquitos and anything else to hand. Of course my face and hands are covered in deet .... orshould i say my burnt hands and face ..... 

The land around me had made a dramatic change over the last couple of days, trees have replaced the cactuses, green has replaced the barren sand and well even the soundsof the birds have changed along with the start of the high pitched sounds like grasshoppers in chorus. The tempreature too has risen with an increasing amount of humidity in the air. 

The jungle is near.... 


P.s sorry, i have had to take off pictures as wifi is very very limited!

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