Tuesday, 6 June 2017

10 days in Slovinia

So as the last bit of kayaking training undertaken comes to the end, with only just over a week left ... there is still a lot to do. 
Slovinia is an amazing place, clear waters and the scenery is just stunning - I cant wait to return to kayak and hike their hills. 



The continued interesting emails and messages (verbal and written) have come through daily! that only serve to hinder training and focus. Of course I am sure that it is coming from a good place ... but.... 

....In the learning phase, my mind has to be wide open, I have to be extremely reflective, listen intently and actively with a great big dollop of drive and determination - otherwise rapid progress cant happen. Over the last months this combination has resulted in rapid progress but also frustrations and nagging injuries such as forearm sprains, shoulder pops, paddling to the point of 'broken' arms that last only 1/2 hour on the river that no amount of shouting from the coach (or inwardly me) could make them work. There are of course the finger pulls and endless bruises and dents to the bones across the body; I just hope that they return back to their regular size and colour at the end of all of this. 

But here it is ... the last week is upon me, time to tapper (I wish), have my last glass of wine, have my last sleeps in my own cosy bed, say my farewells and take the first steps of an adventure of a lifetime (again). 

The journey timeline is unclear - intentionally. 2 weeks, 6months or maybe something in between.. Kayak, hike (although I hope not too much), run or whatever it takes to start at the source and finish at the sea. There is no time pressure, no world record, no competition, indeed there is no pressure of even completing it (ish) .... who knows, who cares ... cause thats the adventure this time and I cant wait to experience the folks, culture, environment and life along the River Amazon. 

Ok, so the plane has landed at Stanstead airport so its
time to let my hair down and have a bit of fun and who knows - hopefully some live music too. 

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