Sunday, 25 June 2017

5 days in....

I say 5 days but thats only from the point of starting out from the source....  anything before that, doesn't really count! 
5 days... these have flown by with mixed feelings, but I have met some amazing folks - more about them later. 

Real cheese, 

the most fabulous dinner in a mud house, chatting with gesture with the donkey man


, staying in a hotel with a twist, dogs ... oh my the dogs. Postcard Peruvian woman goat/ cow/ donkey herding, 


children running by the banks of the river to see these 'things' floating down stream, children coming up and touching and knocking on the kayak, smells,colours, sun burn and catcus. There is more of course ... oh yes,      there is the kayaking and portages too ... but sadlythat  pails into insignificance when the views and experiences are presented... Nonetheless, I suspect that in a few days time, as the river gets bigger ... the excitement and river giggles will (I hope) start up too.... so far a very safe game has been played with portages. 

I have to say, this start reminds me of hiking across the USA .... the walking was the mode ... but it was what I saw and experiened that made it... its the same here too. 


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