Friday, 12 May 2017

Flights are booked.... and the mood has changed...

Thats right, flights are booked, kit is arriving, the last final training is set and well the mood has changed.

For months (ok, since I started to put my plan into action in Feb), I have had folks, friends and strangers telling me not to do it, its stupid, its too dangerous.. its too risky and I will die. Significant time has been put in to processing and boxing those comments and sorting the comments into the  (I hope not) spectater 'I told you so' group that I hope will be drowned out by the supportive cheers of 'keep going' in those moments of 'digging deep'. 

But its now booked and over the last week things have turned and hugs are plentiful, reflections of good times and the good lucks and keep safe are starting to come in. This signals the closeness.... 

There is still a lot to be done as there always is in the last weeks of planning and preparation. This last week, I have completed a whitewater safety course that just adds and develops the thinking, highlights some holes (ie i will be spending time in the park perfecting my throwing - cause it must be a couple of decades since i last threw something).

But its near.... very near..... 


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  1. Big hugs, big cheers and look forward to your safe return and your great stories. Lots of love and admiration xxx