Monday, 17 August 2015

Patchwork bivvi πŸ˜€

17/08/15 well with a hop skip, walking behind a waterfall 
and 7 miles into Cascade Locks (and patching up of my bug net and bivvi from the nights activity) .... I have reached the end of Oregon. So, that means I have only Washington State to cross. It is now so exciting and just so close but confident I shouldn't be as the next and last stage is back to the big elevation climbs/ascents. It will however be great to get back to the high mountains... but for the rest of the day - its shower, laundry, rest and refill food and energy. Tomorrow I will cross the Bridge of the Gods πŸ˜€

16/8/15 after leaving the communications tower and beautiful sun rise at Timberline lake - today might well have been a 36 mile day -I can't be sure as it was an alternative route n the PCT so that I can go on a prettier trail that has a waterfall that you can walk behind.

15/8/15 20 miles of up, up and more up , I thought that it would be difficult and harsh. In fact it was only until I reached the 1 mile sandy climb just before Timberline Lodge that that the sweat poured and I made the decision that I would only do 29 miles and stop at the lodge for a beer and pizza(and cheesecake on the third floor). Timberline lodge is an amazing place, unique and I was very pleased (aside from the sandy climb) that I stopped. Sadly it does mean that the route tomorrow will be even longer πŸ˜€πŸ˜€πŸ˜’

14/8/15 stunning views and hiking today again and it turned out to be a long haul ... The over 30 miles a day are now a must .... but hard on the feet.  I finished the day drinking hot chocolate at the lake and awoke after an amazing sleep to the misty lake in the morning .... stunning.

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