Sunday, 2 August 2015

29/7/15 next stop is saied valley - this one is on trail but has a 6 mile road walk leading to it. So after a couple of 30 milers with today meant to be an easy down hill (it wasnt) - we were met at the river by a couple who gave us a beer and later a lift to the rv camp. We accepted the beer (numbs the pain!) but declined the lift. 

30/7/15 new shoes!!! New shoes!!! As soon as the post office opened at midday - I was hot footing it through the door to collect the parcel that I sent myself. Hmmmmmm the feel of new trail shoes, soft, cant feel the stones underneath and no holes for the stones to enter the shoe. Heaven! Pure heaven. So in the pm a quick but extremely hot! 15 miler up a hill .... 

31/7/15 got to the Oregan border!! Less than 950miles to go. Wooohoooo!!! 

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  1. Loving your posts em really looking forward see the pics thinking it you xx