Tuesday, 11 August 2015

Got to mile 2000 πŸ˜€πŸ˜…πŸ˜€

11/8/15 2000 mile mark reached!! Woohoo! Decided to celebrate this marker by booking into a hotel aka place with a super bed that I have not slept in for a couple of months!

I was picked up by a wonderful lady at the trail junction at highway 20, just as i reached it (so no waiting at all). What a great day (apart from running out of water - but yep ... that's another story. So time for bed, sleep, rest, big breakfast tomorrow before carrying on the trail ... Just 670miles to go.... πŸ˜€ 

10/8/15 33.5 miles in the bag but I had hoped to get to 36.5 mile mark. Feet were starting to hurt and I came across a great stopping place.

Highlight today was going through the lava field. The scale is off the wall and its like being on a different planet.

 It is a little hard on the feet ... Walking on lava rocks or uphill in sand is never the best. More tomorrow .... But.... Drum roll please .... Mile 2000 is also tomorrow too πŸ˜€πŸ˜ŽπŸ˜€

9/8/15 a surprise trail angel station today... Like a kid in a sweet shop. They had set up a table with eggs, BBQ, lemonade, beer, fruit, cakes, m&ms ... The list goes on. Absolute magic!

I stopped for a good hour or so but still managed to complete 34.5 miles today! Landed up next to a lake ... Great to have so much water and to be able to soak the feet πŸ˜€

8/8/15 a quick as I could, 13 miles into shelter cove resort, got me to the door, after a late start (another freezing night again), morning break (to dry my bivvi and sleeping bag, at 11.30am. After a little frustrating 'resupply' and half charging my phone and charger at 6pm I left the resort to do another 8miles to the top of the hill.

7/8/15 no alternative routes for me, even after a super cold night. Any thoughts that I had of ditching my sleeping bag to make my load lighter were erased last night. Hat, gloves and down jacket were on last night but made little impact! 
Nonetheless a great days hike although slowed by spending an hour collecting water from a spring that was down a side trail (but the last water for 20 miles!). Of course when I say 'down a side trail' - i mean 1 mile down a gulley that had its own switchbacks because of the steepness! How the chimpmonks that were happily playing at the top must love us hikers ..... Watching us leave our bags (containing food) at the top of the trail, long enough for them to rummage around, set up a stall for others and have a party! No matter, today I completed 34 miles - the longest day for miles so far. 

6/8/15 crater lake was amazing and I took the rim trail so that i could see it in its full glory. Simply amazing!

5/8/15 stopped after 16 miles at Mazma and went straight into the restaurant without a shower ir laundry. In, started with a salad bar, lemonade, ale .. Then had the biggest burger the had - with more lemonade, ale and finished it off with a ice-cream milkshake. I guess that is what you get when you run out of food but still hike 30miles (with a sleep in the middle) - so hungry - I am not sure that I have eaten so much in such a short amount of time! Needless to day I didn't leave the resort until 6pm and only managed 5 miles up the hill to the crater lake village (rim village) - but it was great to see the magical sun set, fires burning and crater lake at its best. 

4/8/15 green tunnel uggg! But in one spot towards the end of the day .. as I approached the stream, the floor was covered with tiny frogs jumping out of the way. Amazing! 

Earlier in the pm, as I was climbing yet another hill, there was a helicopter with a water sack going backwards and forwards filling up from the near lake. Although it looked tiny and looked like trying to put a fire out with a thimble - clearly it was working. However I was amazed to see (when I was at the top of the hill) how close the fires were and how many! 

3/8/15 a round 32 miles today but it was mentally hard. Views were of trees only, little sunlight, hot, humid and after lasts night fiasco I was tired. Last night was a night of thunder and lightning (USA stylllee) and rain that meant that my bivvi bag was doing a Zippy  and George reenactment for most of the night. When eventually the rain stopped I had the great pleasure of listening to two owls who were twooing to each other (it sounded as though they were either side of my bivvi) for the rest of the night. 

2/8/15 uggg sleeping in the garden next to a highway is something that I will try to avoid in the future ... Although in this case the lure of 'eat as many pancakes as you want breakfast' was just too great! This meant that I finally got onto the trail at 9.30am (not the best time to start a 30 miler!). Nonetheless, belly full, coffeed up with plenty of sugar  in my system (and rolling hills) - I was able to complete 28.5 miles by supper, 

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