Monday, 14 April 2014

On top of the world....

 This was the starting point for the day! Far in the depths of the highlands .... I was looking for remote and I don't think that I could have got anything more.... in fact it took me over an hour to find the start/entry point ... re-enacting Mr Bean map reading without a GPS .... ;o))  would sum that up  ... thank goodness for public telephones ;o)))

Sadly 2D photos don't really do the size justice .... eyes on the white in the distance ... the 'tent like' peak... Munro at its finest ;o)

However the views at the top were exhilaratingly stunning ... I felt like I was sitting* on top of the world... it's at moments like this that life is magically put into perspective and any life niggles or problems just melt away - if only everyone could have time out here - the best resolve to any war or argument! Nil winds, hot sun, blue skies and the best view to date..... I feel so lucky to have experienced this lucky!

Window to the world ....

 * yes that's right 'sitting' .... on the tent like peak that was just wide enough to sit on ..... nope, I didn't stand (you must be joking!!) over 3000ft straight down remember!!?!?  ..... ;o)))))))))))))))

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