Saturday, 12 April 2014

Ben Cruachan ..... ish

Life is decidedly about circles. Today was the day to head up Mr Cruggie .... from the base the day looked good.. the wind was low, cloud high and blue sky was trying to peep through. I was here nearly a year ago.

I understand the hills too well. Today I only went 820m due to needle ice rain that pierces through trousers, lifting winds that are not good for ridge walking and ice water underfoot that wasn't going to be warmed by the feet this time.  Indicators that warn not to go forth, no matter how much I enjoy, understand and love the views from the top; What I know is that there has to be a half way meeting point from the mountains weather that opens the pathway to the top. I also know the importance of listening to this unspoken communication.

I returned to base with the hope that tomorrow will be different (it wasn't - it just got worse!!)

Ben C saddle ....

Back to Glencoe mountains tomorrow ;o)
Bonfire heat

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