Thursday, 10 April 2014

Glencoe ;o))

Today (090414) was ground hog day - the expected trot around the Glencoe hills were hampered by the low cloud!  Nae matter  - eyes to the ground and being 'at one' with the Glens, burns and water was good enough. At times like this, there is no point heading to the top as the rewarding view is not there.... without the view - there is no need, well as far as I am concerned.  

Ahhh but 10/04/14 was a different matter ... eyes to the sky (3575ft) and snow line ... of course at the start of the tramp:  grunge and thigh level burn crossing was needed (sets the feet up very nicely)! Its been raining quite a bit here ... and the force of the burn reflected it .... after several attempts to cross, I was lucky to find a 'crossing' that was shallow enough to keep the water off the rucksac.

it looks so small in 2D... ;o(.
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View from the near top ....  muscles by this stage were wobbling a bit ... didn't really help the final drag to the top!! Sadly the 2D pan photo doesn't quite do the justice of the drop to the left ... it looks almost flat!!!! not!   (but guess who  has found the pan button on the phone!!! ;o))))


Ok, so this was the last photo taken  before the top.... note the snow (that has a lot of water running underneath it!!).  There are drops either side ranging from ultra steep to mega stupid steep. The drop on the right side of this picture is sheer face and if I rolled to the left ... lets just say that it just wouldn't be good at all. Just after this point I realised that my fear of heights (not helped by thoughts of avalanches etc) was not over. Darn it!! But there was also a wee bit of 'I have blinkin stomped over 1000ft to get here ... etc etc etc etc.....' .... . so what did I do?   I crawled, yes crawled ... feet, knees, elbows and hands (pain!) the last 100000000000ft (ok so it felt like 100000000000000 ft but you can see the distance!) ... THE longest crawl I have done ..... and did you know knees can still wobble when crawling!!?!? they can ...
I am sure that you will be delighted to know that I did have the presence of mind to 'get' that this was ultra stupid ... but sadly at the same time so did the giggles .... thoughts of local press being 'baffled by a new mountain creature still not yet identified except for 'interesting' prints left behind!....  I nearly giggled myself off the mountain at one stage!! ... nonetheless if you think that I was going to swing my rucksack off and look for my camera?!?! .....(that would have meant that I would have had to sit up and I needed every knee, foot, elbow and hand on the ground!!!) Just in case I need anymore excuses or justification for my actions -  it was hailing and blowing a gale too!! Joy!

Always a rainbow or two in Scotland ..... MWOM :o)

Great couple of days!!

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