Thursday, 2 March 2017

Stoppers and Weirs

What a couple of days with Monmouth Canoe Centre.  

This week I was with guide Ollie Sandeson heading down the River Wye and the River Monnow. Although they are grade 1 and 2, with the rivers being up the low level grade 2 became high level grade 2 and there were plenty of 'obstacles' to make sure I didn't make contact with. This was great to experience.


We spent time just getting at one with the water, paddle and kayak (a different one this week).  This time was spent turning, feeling the pressure and having more faith in the equipment definitely helped with the confidence. 


There was also a good (easy) stopper to play in and although I caught my edge on the stopper and learnt first hand the power and  problems associated with a stopper - having Ollie there meant that I didn't need to bail and we could go back and practise it again and again and again ... always good after a head pin! Learning how to feel and use the current on such a thing was great!




The days passed really quickly and before I knew it, I was back at Monmouth Activity centre reflecting on the days activities and lessons. I have to say even though its a couple of days after, I am still giggling about heading blind down the weir! Great fun! 


So, lots of fun but serious lessons learnt .... perfect😀

Thank you Ollie and Monmouth Canoe Centre 😀

But for now, its time for a quick respite at The Royal Festival Hall ... well for tonight anyway.... 

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