Friday, 25 March 2016

Two days in Norway...

With my very long list of 'things to do', today I flew out to Norway to look at some sleds that may fit into my 'plan of action'.  

'Plan of action', I hear you say - but its just get on your skies and trundal along to the South Pole and back!! oh I wish!!  To me, a plan of action is a vital plan and one of the best parts of this journey; because unless you have a plan then it is guarenteed to go pearshaped, become an endless meandering task that will take up way too much thinking time. 

Part of this process, that will continue until I am happy, has been gathering advice that consists of 'you need to do....', you must do... and 'you have to....'  Everyone seems to have the definate answer that should be followed.  However, when going solo, when actually on the ice, with no one but yourself around for miles, no shops or internet ordering .... crossing that start line ..... The only person that has to be 100% sure, confident and commited is yourself.  I cant help but smile, calm the excited butterflies and feel a huge sense of freedom. What I know is that every decision that I make and commit to now will become a 'make or break' and life impacting decision - and it feels great! I really love and welcome everyones feedback, no matter what field (a diverse field makes it even more interesting) as feedback can be used (in part or wholley) but ultimately I know that I will make the ultimate decision. 

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