Sunday, 26 October 2014

Half marathon with Go Beyond

So good to be back out trotting in the countryside....

Today I was back with Go Beyond and attempting the off road half marathon 12 miles. The elevation was greater today and made it super tough. My time was 2hrs 21 which was shocking but I have to remember that I am only week 5 into the fitness and diet regime which includes all of the different disciplines (strength, endurance, cardio,etc) - slow yes, but providing that I continue it should ensure that I have solid foundations ...   I have to say that I definitely felt the slow rising hills and dips but not as badly as the 10km a couple of weeks ago!!

Oh, and darn it ... Today I saw that I am now in the ' veteran' category! A veteran and elderly primate ....whatever next .... it was only a month ago a garage asked for my ID so I will keep focusing on that for the moment...

So today was a smooth ride .... But no compass was required... Luckily ;o) ... That's next time ;o))

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