Sunday, 16 September 2012

All done ;o) and I have to say, the build up during the days leading up-to the abseil was more nerve wracking than the actual event! After yet another busy day, I arrived and felt very /too laid-back.  I thought that when I got up to the top of the building the nerves would kick in ... they didn't. Surely then stepping onto the side of the 540ft skyscraper?.... Nope, not a bit of it!

The views were amazing... truely amazing... Looking out and then down the side of a skyscraper whilst perched on the side was great!

This was someone's else's video of the view at the top! 
I have to say that this was one for the books but also what I learnt is that my threshold appears to have risen even higher! Oh dear .... That leaves me with another dilemma .. what will I do next!?!?!? It's got to be higher, push the boundaries and well it has just got to make me think twice! But what?!? Suggestions on a postcard please! :o)))))

Photos to follow!

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