Friday, 23 October 2015

Journey to New Zealand

Mammouth plane journey to Wanaka which is about 1 hour away from Queenstown (South Island). Four plane changes but my luggage didnt get lost 😀

I have to say that although uneventful (no delays, missed flights, lost luggage etc) I did meet a couple of really lovely people along the way. However never have I stayed still for such a long time ever!! 48 hours on a plane (ish) meant that towards the end my legs would 'jump' and spasm which is not good no matter which way i look at it ... And that was after regular rotation of feet, wandering up and down the isle! (But my legs certainly swelled too... ) ho hum... 

I arrived in Wanaka by 2pm so had to keep myself awake until hiker bedtime. So, a stroll down to the bay/ lake shore munching a few pringles led me the local pub and best burger in town. Yes, straight back into hiker mode it seems (if it left me in the first place).

Anyway, by 6pm I was in bed, out for the   count until 6am. 

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