Friday, 17 July 2015

Halfway marker πŸ˜€πŸ˜€πŸ˜€

16/7/15 wooohoooi arrived and made it to the halfway point! Its now all about one step closer to homeπŸ˜€πŸ˜€ funny though ... Such a big marker is marked by a small concrete post .....

And so the climbing of trees continue πŸ˜€πŸ˜€

15/7/15 for a second I thought i was in the jungle! Lots of overgrown bushes on the path today with too many to count fallen trees blocking the path. Frustratingly these are just the many obstacles that slow the pace. Today started with a 4500ft + climb over 15 miles that doesnt sound bad but the never ending hill in the sun gets a little tedious. The top was great although fleeting with its views. At mile 19.5 i had to make the decision of walk to the next water in 8.5 miles or carry 3 litres for 5 miles. Needless to say, the former won! And i was glad of that decision ...... As the views from my bed show. 19 miles to do tomorrow .... Before heading into town (Chester) - i need more solid fuel as i am completely out .... As well as chocolate again! πŸ˜‰  oh, and did i mention.... Over 10000ft accent today .... 

14/7/15 a very quick 6.5 miles down a 4500ft  hill meant that by 9.30am, i was in a bar drinking a cool lemonade. Lazy, recharging day at the bar by the river was had. This was very welcomed after yesterday! 

13/7/15 over 7500ft asent with about the same down - it definitely was a valley that was hiked. This is tough and i would say even tougher than the high Sierras. All day is spent walking up or down hills / valleys. Madness absolute madness!! In the morning the best view was at the rock outlook ... Stunning really stunning.

At around the 2.30pm mark (post lunch) my energy depleted in an instant but the hills didn't. This made for uber hard work. I have not known this type of energy depletion and hunger that cant be filled. Even after x2 ramin and potatoes (the last of my food) ... I was still hungry!! However, what i learnt very quickly was that i either need to buy more snacks or i need to plan better. 

12/7/15 over 6500ft elevation it was crazy day 

11/7/15 gentle hills today and an easy 25 miler (luckily). Today, i was tired, very tired and left camp after 8.30am (and drying my kit in the sun). Although my alarm repeatedly went off every 10 min from 4.45am .... Ho hum. 

10/7/15 lazy am at Sierra City - sorting and drying kit before heading up a uber large hill. Made it to the ridge and set up camp overlooking the lake. What i couldn't believe that we walked 10 miles - but it didn't even remotely seem that much. 

09/7/15 a quick 16 miles in the am after a bad nights sleep in a very wet and damp sleeping bag. However i arrived at the Sierra City waterfalls and spent some time chatting to some painters who found some sun.

After quickly setting up camp, it was time to sample a 'gut buster' burger at the general store. OMG - it was the best and biggest burger to date.

Pool in the evening - and going to a restaurant to order beer and chips! Such a hiker thing to do - ahh well πŸ˜€

08/7/14 rain, thunder and hail!! After a great morning albeit cloudy, i stopped for lunch with some fellow hikers. Luckily for me, one had put up their tent..... As within about 5 minutes the heavens opened and a hail storm started. Thinking that was it .... I then went on my merry way only to go through another two hail storms and plenty of rain. Camp was very welcomed at the end of the day ( 27 miles rather than the intended easy 21 miles!) 😁 but everything was damp, wet and even more wet! Nice πŸ˜€

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  1. Well done Emma amazing. Xx keep at it incredible and love to read your posts v jealous xxx