Saturday, 17 January 2015

Country to capital .... 44 miles ..... from Wendover to Madavale near Paddington.
feet were great just shame about the groin, glutes  and ITB from mile 26 that rendered me to a shuffle ( as walking was even more painful.  with 6 miles until the end .... I wanted to pull out ... I turned to go back to the final check point ... and one passing lady uttered a couple of words of encouragement (aka you can't do that now) ...... so onward, stopping to relieve the pressure every 1/2 mile ... I got to the end before cut off.

Time to quickly recover before the next 50 miler (Thames Trot) in 3 weeks time - not a lot of recovery time ... eeeek but at least I have moved from the ' I am never going to put myself through an ultra again- especially not 44 miles' (this was whilst running) to now eager to get to the start line.

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